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Harley Davinson Financial Services

Harley Davidson Financial Services divisional headquarter, Carson City Nevada, located at the east edge of Carson City in Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. It is a three story 103,000 SF office, conference, training and data center that operates on a 24/7 schedule. The building was designed to promote flexibility and formal and informal communication through open office planning, flexible meeting space and employee amenities designed around the central “town center” connecting all levels to promote the culture of Harley Davidson. The building recalls the tradition of both urbanism where the building is bisected by an “open road” that connects entry, town Center and extend to the courtyard and ultimately to the Sierra mountain range beyond and is also a metaphor recalling the first settlements in the West, open to the vast landscapes and still retaining their community and social identity. The architectural language recalls the simplicity and monolithic nature of Southwestern Architecture, designed to respond to the harsh climate as well as to provide comfort and shelter.

*work prior with VOA Associates Inc.

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