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Studio addressed the issue of waste generated by each human daily and its global impact. Students researched the influence of human behavior, consumption and its influence on ecology, climate change, use of natural resources and food quality. The studio focused on plastic, often single use and its impact on our ecosystem. Each student collected single plastics objects that they used every day for the period of 30 days showing every day incremental progression of collected waste. They have documented the objects through photography showcasing human dependency on plastics industries, while purchasing necessary products of every day use. 


Students participated in a 3 day workshop in collaboration with Chicago artist, Alfonso Piloto, while they developed their design concept for their installation project. They worked as a team on discussing the multiple ideas, negotiating the best concept which will address the human impact on the environment through plastics consumerism. Once they developed the final proposal, they tested some prototypes and prepared the mock up for the structural membrane. Their project “HAND” was installed during the last week of their Design Summer Studio on the School of Architecture and Urban Planing outdoor courtyard. 


The main idea of the studio was to use waste such as plastics to transform into a work of art, creating installation that exceeded the economic, cultural and social value of the original product. The final Installation of ‘HAND” project showcases the volume of plastic waste generated only by 12 students over the 30 days timeframe, which is a small  fraction of plastic waste in relation to global scale. This group project serves as powerful creative tool for political and social activism-showcasing the extension of plastic waste produced by single individual and its larger impact on global ecology, inspiring all to rethink our own consumption. The HAND was built to reflect on pollution and destruction of our own ecology. 


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Monika Thadhani 


Amya Dorsey, Lauren Haag, Zoey Kim, Jared Mueller, Jonathan Pivaral, Rocio Rivas, 
Baily Riley, Sommer Strnd, Jordyn Sufka, Salvador Tello, Josh Uhen, Luis Tresgallo

Special thanks to:

Alfonso Piloto
Maddie Nimrod
Maya Thadhani


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