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National Laboratory for New Materials Research Institute, Beijing, China

National Laboratory for Research and Development of 1,900,000 sf campus.The design focuses on laboratory of the future that promotes multi-disciplinary collaboration, constantly evolving through technological  changes and new discoveries. It is a an innovation hub located in absent of context of a new district in Beijing. Proposed design breaks from a model of a “building” by creating a community and  campus with the critical flexibility of laboratory that allow scientists design their own spaces, which can be easily transformed over time. The design implements “out of lab “spaces where scientists could meet and collaborate. The approach demonstrates both: a deep understanding of how science and discovery interrelates and also how to make a critical connection within the  spatial and cultural essence of place,  aligned with a vision of how cities should evolve and organically develop within their own boundaries. The design process rather started from the ground view of the Scientist, the one vested with responsibility to discover and create within the mundane contexts of the large research and industrial park. This project is the centerpiece of the new government ‘China First” policy and is already serving as a model of the future adaptive laboratory hubs. Project includes Laboratories, Office, Residential, Residential Amenities and a Conference Center and critical open public spaces connected to natural landscape.

*work prior with VOA Associates Inc.

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