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Hefei Vanke Beicheng Library, Community Center, Shenzen

Hefei Vanke Development, Shenzhen, China

New 15,000 sm institutional and community facilities within a new development district in the City of Hefei, the capitol city of the Anhui Province with a population of close to 7,500,000 inhabitants. It is one of the ancient cities in China originally laid out as a rectangular walled city with a cross axis that positions the major monuments of palace and temple. This new community center recalls this history through the introduction of a rectangular perimeter with a cross axis of the major program components. The new boundary is now an open and porous “threshold” designating the “sacred” precinct of the interior with a dialogue with the surrounding community and environment. The project is located in the northern new district of Hefei City,  with 50,000 sm park on the south side of the site. 

HCD International LLC/MoNa 

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