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IUAV - IIT I Architectural Innovation

Architectural Innovation International Workshop, MoNa, IIT, IUAV, Venice 2017

The workshop was focused on developing a model of the future city, a hybrid of functions that promotes self -sufficient work, research and cultural programs and development of knowledge that can positively impact the economy, environment and social wellbeing of place. Hybrid was designed to be part of a larger development of place and supposed to set the pattern of how a future city can evolve. The hybrid was based on the concepts of “resiliency” that can look to developing innovative solutions to issues that anticipate the impact of climate change, creating a new morphology that can connect to the cultural and historical essence of place and allow it to evolve with a changing global social and economic climate. The site of the project was in Santa Marta along the Waterfront that connects IAUV to the port. The program attempted to bring a global focus on Venice as a city of the future, not just the past.



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