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Barcelona Summer Workshop 2020

Other Territories

International Architecture Summer Workshop, Barcelona, June 29-July 14, 2020

Workshop will propose interventions to instantaneous transformation of build and natural landscape through simultaneous systems of post occupation programming into array of forgotten spaces. This will be an opportunity to test new ideas of rural cities and their depleted territories.

Students will learn through research, creativity, sensitivity and responsiveness to social, cultural, economic, political and ecological context via architectural and urban intervention. Workshop will encompass collaboration and participation of various professionals through critical thinking and creative dialogue, embracing working as a team as a critical aspect of future career. Workshop will incorporate research to encourage students to critically investigate and assess complexity of layers necessary to transform declining areas of Terra Alta region in Spain. Students will work between the limits of the disciplines of architecture, urban planning, as well a science, technology, economy, ecology, ethics and art. Students will propose solutions of an ideological interpretation of the interplay of modern and local technology, ecology and economy that together can play an important role in social revitalization. Workshop will focus on the evolutionary nature of urban growth. It will propose new programs, project future models within the context of the historical areas of forgotten spaces. It will study the new possibilities and opportunities to redefine and improve livability with its integrated existing infrastructure, its physical and sociological configuration with consideration of the past, and focus towards the future.

Students will propose a new narrative for Terra Alta in Catalonia, to leverage its natural beauty and history with a diverse economy and culture that will allow for sustainable growth and provide a prototype of process, critical thinking and innovation that can be applied to the issues facing the world today, a world in economic, environmental and political distress. Workshop will develop programs and architectural and urban interventions that can bring new interest in the area for tourism as well as residents both local and international. Students will use mapping of the existing area developed in previous workshop, then generate a special language of new program which grows organically and easily adapt to future demands and change. These interconnection of proposed interventions will bring a new layer of opportunity and diversity to the region. A series of interventions in each villages of Terra Alta will mark a new cultural and socio-economical fabric that can be expanded over time. These interventions could be spread throughout the towns helping restore and transform communities, especially its economic and social issues. Students will also research ecology of the place and create transformative space with the minimum resources.

Workshop will be led by a diverse group of faculty members and architects from SAIC, AIDO Chicago, (SARUP), MIlwaukee, ETSAB, Barcelona and ETSA Milwaukee, ETSAB, Barcelona and ETSA, Reus. It will provide opportunity of exchange between US and European students and faculty.



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